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Turn your pet into art! Look at these wonderful artworks for your pet, on Etsy

With more and more people not having children, pets are assuming ever greater importance to the younger generation, and often, just as with children, they want to have a special occasion or milestone birthday commemorated with some type of pet art. In older times, this meant taxidermy or an oil painting, but today the former is thought of as being a rather grim way to remember a beloved pet, and the former has somewhat fallen out of fashion – although oils are still around and many artists would be delighted at the chance to paint a beloved pet in oil paints!

Etsy is one of the outlets that has provided pet artists and pet artistry with a home, giving creative people a source of work and income as well as a financial security against the unscrupulous who might plan to take advantage of artists in any number of ways. This financial security extends to the customers as well, giving them a secure platform on which to make the payments, and supplying a mediation format in the event of any disputes. Most customers and artists are honest, hard-working people, looking to provide a good service for fair pay, or to receive a high-quality product for a fair price: Etsy provides both of them with a secure, stable cyber venue in which to do business.

So, now you know where you can get a special item to celebrate your pet. What sort of pet artworks is available on Etsy? Let us take a closer look at their offerings.

Pet portraits

These are available in almost every media possible, from watercolours, to pencil (colour or greyscale), to acrylics and much more. Usually the artist will ask you to send them a photograph of your pet in the desired pose, although occasionally they will be willing to take the photo themselves. In the latter case, however, do be prepared to pay their travel expenses and a higher price for the end artwork, as all of the artist’s time must be compensated for, as well as their artistry. When choosing an artist to capture your pet for posterity, do make sure you check out some of their other work: if you hate their style you can move swiftly on to someone who is more in line with your tastes!


Almost everyone has a decent camera these days, thanks to the tremendous improvement in smartphone technology, but a trained pet photographer does not just snap a nice clear image, they compose an artful picture and will be able to reveal some of your pet’s characteristics in the images they capture. Following a photography session, make the most of it all and have the twelve or so best images made up into a calendar. Once the year is over, you can keep it as a charming memento of both your pet or pets and the year’s doings!

Pet keyring tags

Just as with portraits, keyring tags can come in many shapes and forms, from paintings or drawings to photographs or even little felted models of your pet made from their own shed hair. These tags do not have to be kept just for keyrings, they also make great handbag charms, necklace pendants and even earrings. Speak to your artist about your ideas – they will often be accommodating to unusual requests!

Animal Crossing pet portrait (or another theme)

Combine your love for your pet and your favourite TV show or video game by having a picture of your pet made up in the style of the show. Animal Crossing is a highly popular game at present, with stylised and adorable animals populating the in-game lands. Having your pet portrait in the image of your favourite anime, cartoon, or game can give the artworks a quirky distinction that will make it truly unique.

Pet jewellery

An extension of the keyring tags, why not have purpose-made jewellery featuring your pet? There are many jewellers working as sole traders and they love to be asked to extend their talents and produce unique and beautiful art, featuring something special to their clients.

Browse through the Etsy website to find the best way to turn your pet into art!


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