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Rock Your Outfit With Animal Print Designs

Animal print clothing is the trend that keeps on trending, and they are several reasons for it. Firstly, it has always garnished attention and...

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Art in Your Ears! look at These Five Wonderful handmade Earrings, on Etsy

Art is always subjective. It is one of those odd things: people sneer at artists, telling them they will never make it work, and yet they respect – even revere – art! Fortunately, this tendency is slowly being overcome, with appeals to support artists and their work being met with more acceptance and agreement these days. If you want to make a difference to a new and exciting artist, and you also love handmade earrings, look no further than the buy-sell platform Etsy!

Etsy provides a safe and secure platform for buyers and sellers, ensuring that both parties are happy with each deal, taking a great deal of strain from the artists who, after all, just want to make art, and from the buyers who want to be sure that their money is safe and that they will receive their items.

If you pricked up your ears at the mention of handmade earrings, let us take a look at five must-have offerings from the site:

Beauty in Acrylic

Acrylic is a dense clear plastic material that looks like glass but without fragility. It is sometimes called resin, or acrylic resin, and it is thermoplastic, which means that it can be heated and shaped without losing its transparency. Flowers, small gemstones, tiny confetti shapes can all be contained within acrylic, which is then cut to shape and made into beautiful jewellery.

Wooden Beads

Wood is warm and welcoming and will not irritate your ears in the way that some other organic materials do. Beads can be strung onto an earring in any configuration, so it is relatively easy to tailor truly unique and distinctive jewellery without needing to spend a fortune. Wood comes in a surprising range of natural colours, from palest oak, to warm pine and teak, to darkest ebony – and if that range is too narrow for you, most woods can be dyed any colour, according to the tastes of the artist and the customer!

Snake hooks

A wonderfully simply design in which the hook flows into the body of the snake, terminating with the beautifully detailed head, but one that must be made correctly so the hooks balance perfectly in your ears, allowing two tiny cobras to rear up, showing the world that you mean business and are not to be messed with!

Clay offerings

Banish any thoughts of dull, dusty brown clay. This lightweight, air-drying product allows the artist to create detailed and intricate patterns and shapes, painting the finished article with bright acrylic paints and finishing the items with a matt varnish coating. These items are highly customisable, with the artist able to design them to suit your tastes as far as shape, length, weight and colouring goes. Perfection!


For those with a sense of humour, these quirky ear-rings feature everything from a Greggs sausage roll, to bejewelled toilet rolls too much more! If you are bored with plain studs and sleepers, why not have a look at some of the more unusual offerings that Etsy has to offer?


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