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Camping Like an Adventure Pro with This Equipment, By Regatta

Camping is all about having fun! It breaks the monotony of daily routine and gives the body some charm. Nothing makes such adventures better than having a backpack full of the appropriate gear.

When the long-awaited outdoor adventure pops up, be sure to add to your dump pouch the camping essentials from Regatta. All that youโ€™ll need to have the best time of your life is included here!

From groundbreaking footwear to the ultimate elegant coats and jackets, all are well-listed at the store. The accessories will allow you to rest assured of supreme comfort, wherever the adventures take you.

So, without further ado, letโ€™s dive deeper into how this equipment will complement your camping!

5 Regatta Camping Equipment

Jackets and coats

Happy camping needs a moisture-shedding baffle coat or jacket. The store doesnโ€™t disappoint! Theirs are built to suit the active mountainous days. The jackets are lightweight and will not weigh down your journey. These coats trap heat and can therefore warm the body even during cold temperatures. Their anti-bacteria and soft-touch lining finish will keep you fresh even after challenging ascents. More good news is that these elegant clothes have durable water-repellent features to keep you protected from the rains.


The footwear understands the rugged environment perfectly. They are classic yet weatherproof, suitable for canalside exploring and light lowland hiking. Most of this equipment employs the water-repellent Hydropel tech to help shed moisture; you neednโ€™t worry about sweating feet. Inside the boots are seam-sealed breathable membranes that offer watertight protection to allow the feet to breathe. The lacing system is hiking-inspired. All these features, together with deep padding stabilises and supports the feet as you walk.


Youโ€™ll feel ultimate comfort when wearing footwear with socks. The online store offers popular blister sock wear designed for both men and women. They have layers that help to reduce the friction generated as you walk, hike and ramble. Whatโ€™s better is the underfoot cushioning and antibacterial finish for long-lasting comfort. Since they come in different colours, sizes, quality, and materials, hereโ€™s an opportunity to choose that which best suits your camping needs and preferences.

Kimberly Walsh

Meet this detailed Kimberly Walsh; a perfect winter cover-up that comes with lots of warmth. This wear is 100% polyester and made with water-repellent micro- poplin fabrics. Together with a warm thermoguard insulation, you can confidently head into the wild without fear of freezing. Some are designed with side seams and angled quilt patterns to create a lovely silhouette to hug your body in the right places. The wear falls to mid-thigh level thus offering sufficient coverage on your body.

Fleece Lined Knit

Hereโ€™s another affordable gear to add to your camping list. These are pattern-knitted beanies that boast fleece lining for additional warmth. Besides the acrylic knit, they also have a matching pom-pom for aesthetic appeal. The best thing is that both men and women can wear them.

What are you still waiting for? These products are quality, durable, and affordable. Regatta has all it takes to handle all the wild throws at them. This online store has got you covered!


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