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Smart Toys: Check out these options of tech toys at Currys

In today’s world, technology is evolving at a high rate. There are many tech products, each with different specifications.

Most people believe that itโ€™s only children that get excited about having toys. On the contrary, adults are also fascinated by toys and the variety of things their tech toys can do. However, the kind of games and toys are different from children’s.

There is a variety of tech toys that you can gift to any tech enthusiast. For instance, Currys offers a unique smart toy shopping experience due to its wide variety of smart toys.

This article discusses four smart toys you can purchase at Currys to gift yourself or any tech-savvy.

1. Hover-1 Superstar Electric Hoverboard

The stylish Superstar Hoverboard offers riding options to all categories of riders. There is the standard model for starters, the intermediate mode for experienced riders, and the advanced mode that targets the professionals.

The Hoverboard has 6.5 inches LED-powered wheels and has a 400- Watts motor power that makes it attain a maximum speed of 7.4mph. It also charges for 6 hours to cover a maximum distance of 3 miles, which can be covered either outdoors or indoors. The battery also serves the user for a long time due to its smart battery management technology.

2. Nikon Prostaff 7s 10*30 mm

Stocked at Currys, the Prostaff 10*30MM is ideal due to some of its unique features.
The version is durable and comfortable for use while hiking, bird viewing, or sightseeing. Its exterior is made of rubber to prevent it from damage and shock in case of its falls and aid proper grip. The binoculars are also powered with an Eco lens and a reflective mirror film that enables the brightness and clarity of scenes. The Prostaff 7S offers users great convenience due to sufficient magnification power topped with its user and environment-friendly characteristics.

3. Apple AirPods Pro

The Airpods Pro easily pairs with all the other Apple devices, such as the iPhone and the Apple Watch. Among the best features is their ability to offer Active Noise Cancellation. There is also provision for a transparency mode, auto-tune customization, audio sharing, wireless charging system, and resistance to sweat and water.

4. Panasonic HC-V380EB-K Camcorder

This camcorder helps you to capture the most exciting moments. It has Wi-Fi connectivity, thus can be easily connected with other devices. The lens is also potent, with a 50* optical zoom ability that ensures high-quality images. It is lightweight and easy to use, even with non-experienced photographers. Its CMOS sensor in the camcorder is another vital feature that increases the photo quality even when the lighting conditions are unfavourable. The 28mm comprehensive angle feature also lets photographers capture images with many characters; over a wide area.


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