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Top 5 Furniture for a Small Living Space with Marks and Spencer

If you are living in a cramped space and moving to a bigger house is not an option, you have to make the most...

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Make the perfect baby bedtime routine with these Marks and Spencer recommendations

Getting your baby to sleep can be a daunting task if you donโ€™t have the know-how on how to best lure him/her to sleep. Babies are special creatures who when you understand them they will become fun and love to interact with. Unlike us, adults who fall asleep in a matter of seconds babies are quite different thus the need to develop a sleeping routine to help them fall asleep easier and faster. Thanks to Marks and Spencer who offer a variety of products that can help you develop your babyโ€™s sleep routine with much ease. Below is a list of a babyโ€™s sleeping routine that can come to help put your little one to sleep.

1. First a deliciously hot bath

We all know how powerful a hot bath is before going to bed and how it works its magic. Giving your baby a deliciously hot bath will remove off the dirt that may cause distress while they sleep and dry them off using Marks and Spencer baby towels. They offer a striped poncho hooded towel and cotton rich hooded towel that is very compassionate about their sensitive skin.

2. Find the perfect soft toy

Babies are afraid of the dark and to help them get through the scary nights are M&S collection toys. They are a wide variety of soft toys that you can get your baby and depend on the animal he/she likes can determine their preference. From elephant soft toy rattle, bunny soft toy rattle, Pegasus soft toy to panda soft toy and many more there are numerous perfect soft toys to choose from Marks and Spencer.

3. Look for comfortable pyjamas

To help keep your baby warm at night are Marks and Spencer pyjamas that come both for boys and girls. If you have a baby girl the cotton deer print pyjama or pure cotton Christmas pyjama set will do while for a baby boy the cotton lego batman pyjama set or the star wars pyjama set will help them get through the night.

4. Reading a story activates their brain

It is important to develop the habit of reading your baby a bedtime story before they go sleep as this activates their brain and it makes them sleep without knowing. When you read a bedtime story to your baby they will focus on your voice and slowly by slowly fall asleep as they keenly focus on the story. Whether it is a horrific story or a sweet Cinderella story it will go a long way to ensure that they fall asleep without them knowing.

5. Make sure you have clean and warm bedding

Here at Marks and Spencer, they are baby beddings ranging from baby blankets, baby sheets to baby shawls which ensure that they will keep your baby warm during the night. From pure cotton woodland print shawl to organic cotton nature print shawl they will keep your baby warm.


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