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Car Checks You Should Always Remember To Do

Performing some basic car checks before you hit the road will help nip many car troubles in the bud. Maintenance checks are crucial for everyday drivers; they keep the car in good shape and help avoid breakdowns. You will need professional assistance with your car, but there are checks you can perform on your own before you go driving. Because it’s so essential to maintain your car, this article has a list of five checks you have to do routinely.


The oil change periods vary from one car to the next; you should find out yours and stick to it. Oil lubricates moving parts, cools engines, minimises wear and tear and engine corrosion, among other functions. It’s an integral part of every vehicle, which is why you need to change it regularly. Car Parts 4 Less offers quick access to different types of oil and high-quality products. If you are a car owner, this is the kind of platform to get your oil products for the routine oil change.


It is always necessary to check the condition of the car’s tires, because in case of a problem it can be solved in time and we avoid unpleasant moments. Tires should be checked at least once a month during winter, since air pressure is affected by outside temperatures. Likewise, it is important to check the tread. In case of being worn, the car will not have a good grip which means an urgent change of tires.

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Wiper Blades

You won’t be able to see clearly when driving through the rain if the wiper blades aren’t functioning correctly. Regular checks will ensure that you can drive safely in any weather. The blades are rubber; they can get worn out after some time. When you notice that they are worn out, you should change them immediately. If they lose their grip, they will be smearing snow, mud and other things on the windshield instead of clearing it, which will affect your ability to see the road clearly.

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Car Lights

Checking the lights is simple: you switch them on and walk around the car to ensure they are all working correctly. Preferably, you should perform the check-in in the dark to make sure your headlights are bright enough. If any of the bulbs are dim, you should make a point of replacing them. They need to be equally bright; if a bulb change doesn’t fix the problem, there might be connection faults. For the brake lights, you may need someone to stand behind to help you check.

Shock Absorbers

The shock absorbers are a crucial part of the suspension system in your car. They smoothen out bumps and other road impacts that may affect your passengers and you. If the car’s riding experience is not as pleasant as you remember, it’s a sign that the absorbers are not working correctly. You will start feeling the shocks and bumps; your steering wheel will also show some vibrations. You can also check them manually to find out if they are functioning. If you notice any problems, then you should replace them by shooping at Online Car Parts. Ensure you replace in pairs to maintain the equilibrium.

These necessary checks will go a long way in ensuring you have a safe and pleasant driving experience. It may also save you the extra costs you would incur in the case of a breakdown. Insufficient maintenance is a significant cause of accidents and car malfunctions. If you want to ensure you are safe on the road and looking after your car, regular checks are necessary and Online Car Parts can help you with that.