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Joss Whedon, director for DC & Marvel movies, has a long history of abusiveness

Joss Whedon has been a director, screenwriter and creator of television series and films that have been released theatrically. From Buffy the Vampire Slayer...

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Where to get the best car battery? โ€“ Top Quality Batteries by Online Car Parts

If you are a car owner, then you know the importance of having a good car battery. A car battery is mainly meant to provide the spark that starts the vehicle. A car battery achieves this by delivering electric current to the alternator, which produces a spark that starts a chemical reaction in the internal combustion engine. Another purpose of a car battery is to provide electrical power for all the electrical components in a car, such as the headlights and other exterior lights, interior and dashboard lights, windshield wipers, defroster, power steering, in-car computers and power windows.

When it is Necessary to Get a New Car Battery

Car batteries can last up to 5 years when properly maintained. However, the life of a car battery can reduce to less than 3 years due to bad driving habits and exposure to extreme elements. The efficiency of car batteries reduces with every charge to a point where they become unreliable and a safety concern. Here are four signs you should be on the lookout for to know if you need a new car battery:

โ€ข Failure of the engine to start

โ€ข Electrical accessories and lights failing to start

โ€ข Having to jump-start the car often

โ€ข Swollen, cracked or leaking car battery

Below is a guide for buying the best quality car battery, and there is nowhere better to get the car battery of your choice than Online Car Parts.

5 Car Batteries You Can Buy at Online Car Parts


Exide is among the most popular car battery manufacturers in the market. Their reputation speaks for itself because their car batteries are of high quality and have a long life span. Exide batteries require little to no maintenance. Visit our Online Car Parts website to find yourself an Exide car battery of your choice.


This is another renowned car battery manufacturer in the UK. They manufacture a wide variety of car batteries. Some of their top-selling car batteries are Bosch S5A 130, Bosch S30 050, Bosch S4E 081 and Bosch S50 130. Bosch car batteries have a long lifespan and resistance to temperature variations. Also, with Bosch car batteries, you do not need to worry about mishaps: they are designed to avoid spills. Visit Online Car Parts to find a Bosch battery for your car.


Failure to mention Varta car batteries would be unforgivable. Varta car batteries have been on the market for decades. They are mostly recognised for their durability and reliability. Visit our website, and you will not be disappointed by our wide variety of Varta car batteries.


Energizer car batteries are of premium quality. Energizer car batteries can be used in almost any car model or make on the market. Energizer batteries require no maintenance. As for safety, these batteries score a resounding A+ thanks to their safety features. If you are interested in an Energizer car battery, visit Online Car Parts.


Yuasa car batteries are of high quality. At Online Car Parts, we have a wide variety of Yuasa Car batteries. Some of the Yuasa starter battery top sellers are Yuasa YBX3063, Yuasa YBX7096 and Yuasa YBX1063. Visit the Online Car Parts website to find out more about Yuasa car batteries. 


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