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Check Out These Smoking Accessory Trends

Smoking accessories enhance your smoking experience, helping you get the best out of it. The availability of new products in the market, such as vapes, has led to a shift in smoking accessory trends. There are several factors to consider when shopping for smoking accessories, and this article is a guide to shop for the best smoking accessories. Some of the smoking accessories currently trending include:


Vaping is a smoke-free alternative to smoking. Recently, many people are switching from smoking to vaping. Most vapes mimic smoking, where a vape is filled with E-liquid then vaporised. The three common types of E-liquids are menthol e-liquid, Tobacco e-liquid and fruit e-liquid. There are two broad categories of vapes, those that are pre-filled and refillable ones. Totally Wicked stocks a variety of vaping products such as vape e-liquid to choose from.


Lighters are a basic smoking accessory that any smoker must own. There are several types of lighters for different purposes. Jet lighters, for instance, are ideal for outdoor smoking because of the incredible wind-resistant flame they produce. On the other hand, double flame configuration lighters produce double flames that increase contact between the tobacco and fire to ensure uniform and smooth burning.


Cigarettes are composed of various things like tobacco. The world is driven by trends. Leave the past where it belongs; behind, and join the new world of E-Cigarettes, where you can find nicotine-free products to suit your taste.
Vampire Vape has what you need! All the E-Cigarettes you ever imagined including all the spare parts and more. Visit them now!


Smoking pipes come in different types, shapes and sizes. There are three common types of material used to make smoking pipes; corn cobs, meerschaum and briarwood. However uncommon, other materials such as clay, porcelain and metal are also used to construct smoking pipes. Depending on the bowl’s size, shape and stem’s length, there are several types of smoking pipes. Some of the most commonly used include; Bulldog, Apple, Calabash, Chimney, Egg, Poker, Lovat, Billiard, Canadian and Dublin.

Cigar Cutters

Most cigars have one end in a cap that has to be cut to smoke it. Alternatively, you can cut off the cap with a knife, but the cut might be irregular, causing uneven burning of the cigar. Therefore, a cigar cutter is an essential accessory for cigar smokers. The ease of the draw and amount of smoke varies between different types of cuts. There are three common types of cigar cutters; Guillotine or straight cut, punch cut and V-cut. Guillotine cutters produce a quick straight cut leaving the entire cap end exposed for maximum smoke. Punch cuts, on the other hand, cut a small cavity in the cigar cap, and the V-cut cutter gives the cigar a wedge-shaped cut.


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