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Top Comfortable Clothes for Mothers, by Marks and Spencer

If you are a mother to be, you must be wondering about the right clothing for each trimester. Some of your clothes may not fit you after the first trimester, plus you will need to feel more comfortable with the clothes you wear. However, this does not mean that you should stop being stylish and start wearing one type of wide clothing as there are a variety of clothes that are comfortable and yet stylish. Having some of these clothes allows you to dress up and also dress down as you did before pregnancy. You can start to check out some of the maternity clothes from online clothes stores like Marks and Spencer because they offer varieties.

Marks and Spencer is a British value for money retailer that deals with its own label business in niches such as food, clothing and home, in the UK and internationally. The company is currently operating as a family business selling high-quality and great value products. They have 1,529 stores and 44 websites operating in the UK and some other 62 countries. Letโ€™s see some of the maternity clothes that you can purchase from the website.


Leggings should have a place in your wardrobe when pregnant. They are super comfortable, plus you can wear them with almost anything. Another benefit of this piece is that you can use it dress the bump up or down, plus you will continue wearing them after delivery. Ensure that the pair you choose is opaque to avoid knickers issues.

Maternity Bras

There are a lot of changes in a womanโ€™s body when pregnant, and the breast is one of the areas where change is noticeable. You can start overgrowing your bras in the 10th week, and the changes continue even after delivery. You will need comfortable bras that will work with the changes in your breastโ€™s size all this time up to when your child will be done with breastfeeding. The best bras, in this case, are maternity bras as they are made of breathable cotton to improve comfort and have improved support.

Maxi Dresses

If you love dresses, having several maxi dresses is a must-have, especially when the baby bump is visible. Maxi dresses are comfortable and wide enough to allow some space for the baby bump to breathe. The site offers a variety of maxi dresses in both colours and designs. Look for a fit that is a little wider if the baby bump is not showing when shopping.

Comfortable Shoes

If you are still going to work when pregnant, having comfortable shoes is a must. You also need more comfortable sandals for home use if you will be spending a reasonable amount of time standing. Some women experience challenges like swollen legs during pregnancy, meaning you need shoes that are not tight and can allow your feet to breathe. The best shoe choice, when pregnant, includes sandals, sneakers and flip flops. The shoe section at markandspencer.com has a variety of comfortable shoes in different designs and sizes.

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