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Top 5 Furniture for a Small Living Space with Marks and Spencer

If you are living in a cramped space and moving to a bigger house is not an option, you have to make the most of the space you have. The type of furniture you have and the arrangement plays a significant role in how spacious your room looks and feels. Luckily, there is furniture specially made for small spaces. These pieces have additional features like storage spaces and are designed with a small space in mind. You can purchase a variety of such furniture from online stores like Marks and Spencer or your local brick and mortar furniture store.

Marks and Spencer is a retailer that deals with its own label businesses in niches such as clothing, food and home. The company operates as a family business, and they have stores all over the UK and some other 62 countries. The retailer has a total of 1519 stores and 44 websites around the world. This storeโ€™s products will most likely impress you for their high-quality standards and the availability of varieties for all the categories. Below are some of the products that you can purchase from the store if you are planning to make your living space look bigger.

Small Sofas

Purchasing a big sofa makes no sense if you live in a small house or apartment as it will consume much of the space, or even block your walkways. Small sofas like the Sophia Small Sofa from the online store are a perfect choice if your space is small. The sofa is small enough to fit a small roof, plus it is still cosy and perfectly made. Another important feature of the sofaโ€™s design is that it has open legs. Open legs keep the space beneath the sofa visible, unlike sofas that touch the floor.


Shelves are another important furniture piece if you donโ€™t have enough space at home. Shelves will help you keep the walkways and the floors free of clutter because you can keep or the items that you are not using on the shelves. The Baltimore Ladder Shelving is a good pick from the site.

Small Dining Table

A home might seem incomplete without having a dining table as it is where everyone meets during meal times. This means that you have to squeeze a dining table into space no matter how small it seems. The best dining table for a small space should be small so that it does not take much space and the seats should fit beneath the table when they are not in use. Jones Extending Dining Table fits the description.

Multifunctional Furniture

Multifunctional furniture is a must-have furniture piece if you donโ€™t have enough space at home. Storage stools like the Rochester Storage Footstool have some additional space where you can keep some of the small items that you donโ€™t use regularly.


Lighting plays a huge role in making smaller spaces look bigger. You can add light to the dark corners using floor lamps like the Leda Task Floor Lamp, and this will open up the living space and make it look more spacious.


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