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Gift love and Self-care with these Beauty sets from Fragrance Direct

The gifting culture has shifted to adopting a more personal approach. People no longer want monetary gifts as they are considered impersonal and unthoughtful. Beauty gifts have therefore taken over, especially for women in today’s world. Whether it’s a covetable set of hair tools or soothing face products, beauty gift sets define self-care and wellness more than most gifting options. They are a great way to pamper your loved ones and show your appreciation, whatever the occasion or time of the year.

Fragrance Direct has made gifting beauty items easy and convenient. Their product range covers all occasions, both genders, and all skin-care needs. Whenever you buy someone a beauty gift set, you’re gifting them self-care moments that will help them to love themselves, and you, even more!

Finding a perfect gift has been made easy by the vast array of thoughtful gift sets at Fragrance Direct. Here are some of their fantastic beauty sets that are both purse-friendly and thoughtful:

The Tigi Bed Head Duo Resurrection( Shampoo & Conditioner)

This set from Fragrance Direct is one of the most popular hairs care choices. Everybody needs a good shampoo and a moisturising conditioner, and that is exactly what this duo offers. On top of that, you save a whopping 15 euros on the price! This set will leave your hair feeling fresh and new.

Dermalogica Best Cleanse and Glow Gift Set

These dermatologist-recommended products lead to the best affordable cleansing set. The products have been infused with various serums and vitamins to remove any bacteria or make-up residue at any time. The ingredients used are easy for the skin to absorb, leaving you with glowing, healthy skin to show off.

Calypso Aloe Vera Aftersun Gel

This is an everyday staple skin-care product for everyone. With the current skin-damaging weather conditions, everyone must get this sunblock that doubles up as a moisturiser. It also contains Aloe vera, which we all know is a real skin saviour. This gel is lightweight and doesn’t clog pores, a plus for our oily-skin fellas!

Sunkissed Luxe Cosmetics Gift Set

Every girl deserves to feel and look pretty. This Fragrance Direct cosmetic gift set from the Luxe product line ensures your loved one achieves that healthy flush to their face. The set contains three different colour palettes that cover all make-up needs, from that office daytime look to the night glittery party vibe.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Love Gift Set

A good scent is the new first impression! As the name suggests, Fragrance Direct ensures you achieve your ideal scent needs with this affordable gift set from Marc Jacobs. Not only does this perfume smell so good, but you also get to save a reasonable 12 euros when purchasing it.


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