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Choose the best gift according to your personality

Are you looking for a perfect gift to give a friend or relative? Think of something in line with their personality types. Various personality types have different likes and dislike for particular items. Therefore, if you can pinpoint your loved one’s personality, you are more likely to buy the perfect gift. Here are a few of such personalities and their gifts.

ESTP (Extraverted, Sensing, Thinking and Perceiving)

ESTP personality loves experiencing new things and gifts. They seek excitement in each moment and love to explore activities and gadgets before everyone else. If you would love to present them with an item that is worth it and in line with their personality, consider going for smart gadgets. Some of the cool gifts you can offer these natural explorers include Flexi-neck, tablet or phone holder, a lie streaming kit, or a mini exercise gift. You can find all of these items from MenKind. The leading online store offers cool gadgets, among other items.

Adventurers (ISFPs)

The ISFPs love adventure and aesthetically appealing items.  That is the reason why they love fashion items. They love to express themselves through fashion and the wardrobe and often go for a surprisingly great clothing. That’s why if you are looking for a place that offers you multiple options to give the best gift, you should choose Lightinthebox. You can find all the options you can imagine, from clothing to jewellery and watches. Do not hesitate and visit their website they give you quality and trendy clothing for all genders and ages.

Debaters (ENTP)

Debaters like to enjoy the extremes. They like highly spicy, seek adrenaline highs and staying unique. Therefore, when going for a gift, go for something unique. One of those unique gifts is a notebook and even better if it is handmade. Give your friend their new favourite handmade notebook, we recommend you to visit your favourite website, the handmade notebook options are beautiful and very useful, don’t forget, this type of personality loves to write everything!

Visit their website, remember that the best time to give a gift is when they don’t expect it.

Nature Lovers

For nature lovers who love to get into the woods, the best thing you could give them is the kind of clothing they like the most. At Philip Morris & Son you will find everything you need for these nature lovers.

Plants for the House

What better way to add a touch of nature to your home. You have to look for the most beautiful plants and the best planters. Visit Get Potted, they have amazing stuff and you can find the perfect gift.