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Check out these amazing tips for choosing the best activewear

Workouts done at home or in the gym are vigorous, and they leave you feeling energy drained. But did you know that selecting the right type of workout wear can make the exercising experience better? You should consider several factors when choosing activewear.

For instance; the size of the clothes and shoes and the fabric they are made of matters most. Are you thinking of making your workout routines more productive? How about you consider how comfortable and breathable the entire outfit is? The shoes, sports bras, leggings, shorts, caps, and thermal sweatshirts should not be drenched in sweat or leave you with any skin injuries.

In this article, we highlight the tips that you should consider when shopping for different activewear.


Choosing the correct pair of shoes prevents you from acquiring any injuries while offering maximum comfort. While shopping for the right pair of shoes, consider reputable activewear and sports stores and keep in mind these tips.

The Size: The shoes must fit perfectly. How can you be sure of this? Consider bringing a pair of socks to work with the shoes. The shoes should neither leave a lot of space nor be too tight, as both could result in injury.

The Heel- It is essential to opt for the lunge test or use the thumb rule to determine your ankle angle, thus settling for the right heel.

The Cushion- Good cushioning is necessary to reduce strain on the foot and absorb foot shock.
It is also essential to consider the shoe’s sole, the kind of work out it is intended for, and its motion control abilities.

Sports Bra/ Tops

Breasts are subjected to a lot of movement during a workout. It is, therefore, crucial for you to choose a sports bra that offers proper support. Consider the points below;

Should fit perfectly- Compared to how regular bras fit, the correct sports bra should be a little tighter. It should not be uncomfortable, though. Two fingers should fit nicely where the straps and shoulders meet. Make sure to adjust the straps accordingly during fitting. There is a sports bra for every body and every woman, find the ideal color and design at TokyoLaundry.

The underwire: It should remain flat below the breasts without folding inwards.

Comfort: It should hold your breasts firmly when you move or jump. It should not be too tight to hurt you, though.


Comfortable shorts should have the following features;

Fabric: Preferably, the fabric should not be sweat absorbent. Avoid cotton fabrics and go for those made out of nylon or polyester material to ensure you remain dry.

The Lining: It could come in the form of underwear or one that is long enough to cover your thighs. Liners prevent any wetness and skin irritation.

Pocketed- Many activewear shorts have pockets around the waist and on the hip-side to hold valuables such as keys and your phone.

Visit your favourite store, you’ll find shorts and all the activewear you need, you’ll love it!

Thermal Sweatshirt

These are most suitable to keep you warm during the cold season. Consider these tips when buying women thermal sweatshirts at The Gym King.

The sweatshirt should properly suit your body shape without leaving too much space for warmth to be lost. Also, consider the fabric used. Does it offer maximum insulation? What care does the material require when it comes to cleaning? Remember to weigh the pros and cons of going for both the two-piece and single-piece design before deciding. At The Gym King, there are options to suit all styles like a GYM KING SPORT 1/4 RACE FUNNEL – BLACK/GOLD, you are sure to choose an incredible sweatshirt.


Leggings are an essential piece of clothing for every woman’s workout schedule. Consider the height and rise of the leggings and choose the most comfortable. The measurements vary from full length, 7/8 length and Capri length. The elevation ranges from mid-rise to high-rise.

Also consider the fabric and the extra features such as pockets, seams, the waistband and the general style of the legging. Everything should complement your style.


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