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Go vaping to the next level with these vaporizers, by Hippie Butler

Vaping is the act of inhaling water vapor produced by either a vaporizer or an electric cigarette. The vapor is made from substances like...

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Trending Gifts for Adventure Lovers on Huckberry

If you’re out for the best presents for your outdoorsy friends or for things to gift family this year, getting them something that will inspire them to interact with nature more is ideal. Gifts that they’ll appreciate for a long time to come and that will create unforgettable memories. This article is a comprehensive guide to the right things to buy on Huckberry that adventure-loving someone in your life.

SEG30 Segmented Backpack

The SEG30 helps do away with the irritating process of having to unpack everything to get to what you need right now. SEG30 is an ingenious accessory that will come in handy for your nature-loving special someone. It’s composed of built-in segments that are sewn in to make it easy to access your gear. The parts are like small cubes, which help when it comes to packing and organising your stuff. It is built with durable material that can withstand crude luggage over long trips. The material is nylon and waterproof. Its design complies with the carry-on regulations of the majority of airlines. This backpack can be purchased from Huckberry stores at an affordable price. This would be the perfect accessory to gift that one person in your life who simply can’t live without adventure.

Trail Head Camp Chair

Yeti is not a new name among the outdoors crowd. Their products are popular among campers, hunters and even athletes globally. The Trailhead Camp Chair is no exception. This camp chair is very comfortable as well as durable. It also has a cupholder on the sides. It is the perfect resting chair after tiring outdoors activities. 

Some of the features:

  • It incorporates a cup holder that can be put on one or the other side of the seat
  • The tensioner innovation at the back and arms secures the seat set-up
  • Extra-wide Groundgripโ„ข feet for solidness even on lopsided terrain
  • UV-safe materials that hold up to the sun

You can order yours from Huckberry. Your adventure-loving friend or family will no doubt fall in love with this one.

V Series Hard Cooler

When it’s time to stop fooling around with standard-issue drinks protection, you turn to a Yeti. Their Rambler line of protected tumblers keeps espresso hot and brew cold like no one’s business, and their coolers are barely short of tank status. Presently with their V-Series, the bosses of protection have joined the two innovations for one genuinely extreme, protecting cooler of almost legendary quality. Worked from treated steel to give it a relaxed retro vibe, yet enriched with tech that is straight out of the future, this is the cooler other coolers wish they could be when they grow up. Some of the features include:

  • The deep seal channel plug is airtight and ensures speedy and simple pouring.
  • Pivots worked from dependable cast aluminium.
  • Holds 46 cans of beer with a 2-to-1 ice-to-can proportion.
  • Extremely tempered steel handles are cushioned for easier carrying.

Luxury Stargaze Recliner

The sheer comfort of this recliner will get you sleeping like a baby. It’s a great campfire seat that allows you to kick your feet around while relaxing and enjoying the warmth of the fire. It enables you to carry the comfort of your recliner out on a camping or road trip. There’s nothing more fun than bringing the comfort of your home outdoors. Some of the features include:

  • The aeroplane-grade aluminium suspension outline is sturdier than most camp seats yet still packs down rapidly.
  • The incorporated no-spill cupholder keeps your refreshments close nearby, and the reserve pocket is perfect for tablets, keys or your number one book.
  • The non-spongy monofilament network is cool and windy, opposes microscopic organisms, withstands the sun, and doesn’t retain water.
  • The arrangement is natural, brisk, and simple, with only three stages.

Visit Huckberry, and choose the perfect gift for your adventure friend!


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