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Five Gifts That Will Drive Any Teenager Crazy

Teens and tweens are a challenge to shop for, especially if you arenโ€™t clued in on the latest cultural phenomena. But what may work in your favour is that as much as they know about all the latest products, they may not have the money to do the shopping themselves.
Thankfully, this is something that leaves you with a ton of opportunities, provided you know what they want or have always wanted to buy. The following is a guide to choosing gifts that are bound to succeed with any teenager.


A cookbook may not be at the top of your mind when shopping for a teenager, but itโ€™s a gift many will appreciate. Teenagers are known to be highly picky when it comes to their food habits.
Instead of trying to please their ever-changing, picky taste buds, you should give them a chance to cook for themselves. Head over to your favourite bookstore, and grab a copy of the Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook or the Ottolenghi FLAVOUR and leave them to their devices.
The books have tons of recipes that are bound to keep them pre-occupied for the next few weeks. With these gifts, you never have to listen to them complaining about how โ€œyou only cook what you like.โ€

Instax Mini

Today, all teenagers want to get their hands on an instant camera. The Instax Mini is considered the ideal party accessory and gift for the selfie-loving teenager. These snappers from Fujifilm are known to snap highly vibrant photos within a matter of seconds.
The Instax Mini comes with a selfie camera capable of printing crisp photos having white frames where the teenager can write a personalized message. It runs on AA batteries and is compact enough to carry everywhere.
Get to choose from eight colours, including purple, blue, pink, and green.

“What’s your story” party game

Sometimes adults give boring gifts. Giving a board game as a gift is a great option, choose a different game like “What’s your story” or “Monopoly”. You are literally giving away hours of fun!

Look in this amazing store for this board game or another game that your kids will love, this gift will delight them!

Personalised Jigsaw

Completing a jigsaw is a satisfying and relaxing way to spend time with a teenager. For a learner, consider opting for a 500-piece jigsaw puzzle. A 1,000-piece jigsaw is ideal if you want to complete it with a partner. You can also get a 1,500-piece jigsaw if you are essentially up for the challenge.

The best thing is that you can acquire a customised puzzle using a beautiful photo you took on your vacation or even a portrait of your pet. The possibilities of a bespoke jigsaw are endless. Visit your favourite website now!

A card to go shopping

Buying a gift for a teenager can be difficult, a great way to make your child happy is entrusting gift purchases. With Greenlight your teens can choose their own gifts, while you manage the money they can spend, it’s the perfect gift!

Greenlight is a gift for your teenager to learn how to use their money from a young age, with your guide you can achieve a teenage financial genius.


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