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Dogecoin crashes because of Elon’s jokes

Much anticipation, hype and controversy roared through the media as eccentric tech billionaire Elon Musk took the Studio 8H stage as host of "Saturday...

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Healthcare clothes in an emergency world, by Alexandra

One of the many ways that the world as we had known it has been turned on its head by the Coronavirus pandemic is in that most fundamental of daily decisions – how we must dress. The proper equipment and clothing for healthcare workers have never been in greater demand. Yet the correct healthcare uniforms are a vital tool in making the fight about Covid-19, and making this part of healthcare providersโ€™ everyday routine has scarcely been more important than it is now.
It is crucial, then, to have a reliable supply of high-quality and effective healthcare clothes, including scrubs, overalls, healthcare dresses, tunics and uniforms. Alexandra is one such workwear provider whose healthcare outfits we are looking at in-depth; in fact, they provide NHS nurse wear and are the most-worn manufacturer of workwear in the UK. Since 1854 they have produced a quality product at excellent prices, and they pride themselves on helping buyers get the right fit first time, every time.


They offer a range of professional tunics for both men and women, and in unisex designs. Their choice of healthcare tunics for a range of professions that are both professional and practical, ideally suited to the healthcare industry. These include classic, rever and mandarin collars, lightweight tunics, and tunics specifically for dental professionals.


Specialists in nursesโ€™ dresses, their smart, durable dresses give a long-lasting colour and smart appearance. Their range of dresses covers a variety of styles, and so can be worn by a range of healthcare professionals. Their non-fade fabric gives a professional look that will survive 60-degree washes for years to come! Their dresses come in a range of collars and patterns, as well as a choice of colour.


Alexandraโ€™s range of healthcare trousers includes those designed specifically for parademics, hospital workers and paramedics. Their nurse trousers with co-ordinating tunics are designed to be comfortable, professional and hard-wearing, and all come in non-fade fabric to be long-lasting. Anyone whoโ€™s worn cargo pants or scrub trousers know they canโ€™t be beaten for comfort โ€“ youโ€™ll be wearing them on your days off!


Just as important as the comfort and long-lasting quality youโ€™re reading about, Their healthcare clothing must make a sterile and medically safe uniform. Their scrubs and scrub suits are anti-microbial and come with industry approval โ€“ not surprising, as theyโ€™re guaranteed for a full two years. These are suitable for a range of professionals in hospital, surgery and beyond, to keep service users and staff alike safe and well, especially in these challenging times.

Medical coats

Professional lab coats are practical yet smart, ranging from the traditional white laboratory coat to a range of colours to suit a range of professions. Essential for staying protected, and with most styles also available in matching trouser, their medical coats are perfect for creating a professional impression in any setting.


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