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Dogecoin crashes because of Elon’s jokes

Much anticipation, hype and controversy roared through the media as eccentric tech billionaire Elon Musk took the Studio 8H stage as host of "Saturday...

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Give the best spring bouquets with Serenata Flowers

Flowers are the gift that never let you down: whether you give them to your mum, your sister, your sweetheart or just someone you love, they are a meaningful present fit for any occasion. So this spring, enjoy these 5 options offered by Serenata Flowers. They guarantee you the freshest, hand-picked, top-quality flowers gathered into beautiful bouquets exclusively arranged by skilled florists.

Little Star

These flowers are for the carefree type, with gorgeous blooms that will make your loved one’s heart sing for joy. They come in a convenient variety of colours, including orange, purple and yellow, and are great for birthdays and anniversaries. You can get these beautiful blooms on the Serenata Flowers website.

Red Roses

Nothing expresses love like red roses, undoubtedly considered the most romantic of all the flowers and the perfect gift for making a memorable loving gesture. Roses come in several colours, but red ones are the symbol of undying love. They may be most popular on Valentine’s Day but they also make an excellent gift for a birthday, wedding anniversary or marriage proposal. You can get your bouquet of two dozen gorgeous red roses wrapped in clear cellophane from Serenata Flowers.

red roses

Floral Ratatouille

This bouquet consists of various vibrant flowers wrapped in clear cellophane. It includes three stems of blue aster, blue iris, orange LA lily, green rhododendron, yellow rose, cerise rose, cerise stocks and two stems of yellow solidago. This bright cocktail of blooms is a great gift to bring joy to a loved one and lift their spirits. You can have this vibrant bouquet delivered to you or someone special by Serenata Flowers.


Felicity brings happiness and a smile at even the gloomiest moments. For someone who needs cheering up, this can be an excellent gift. This bouquet draws the eye with its joyful blend of white dragon flowers, green ruscus, green kentia palm, white santini, yellow high altitude rose, yellow solidago and yellow freesia. Serenata Flowers can deliver this beautiful bouquet to you or your loved one.


As the name suggests, the pure white blooms create a calm and relaxing environment and an exquisite sense of peace. This bouquet is a beautiful mix of white waxflower, white freesia, white large-headed rose, pistache foliage, salal foliage and white lisianthus. The mild fragrances of these blooms create a superb ambience for relaxation. You can get this gorgeous bouquet for someone special from the Serenata Flowers website.


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