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Dogecoin crashes because of Elon’s jokes

Much anticipation, hype and controversy roared through the media as eccentric tech billionaire Elon Musk took the Studio 8H stage as host of "Saturday...

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Boozy gifts for outrageous friends, take a look at Scribbler

We all have that quirky friend in the group who likes to try different things, especially drinks! That’s why when it comes to buying gifts, it gets a little difficult to decide and get the best option. Luckily, Scribbler has the best boozy gifts you can find. Here are the top five original gifts to go for.

Crying in a Corner Wine

Crying in a corner wine is not an ordinary wine. It is a Scribbler wine, which means it has that Scribbler stamp as one of the best boozy beverages. With a fancy crisp, dispensing grapefruit aromas and that refreshing finish, Crying in a corner gives you a smooth and fun experience. Depending on what they like, you can give your loved one a vibrant rose with a pleasant berry notes bottle or that smooth bottle of merlot with blending flavours. Help them create memorable moments by giving them a special wine on their special day.

Need wine

Need wine is another amazing wine from Scribbler. Whether you choose to send it with a special card or carry it with you to that special occasion, it will still come out as a unique gift. It has special flavour making it more unique. You’ve got friends or families who love wine; make sure you surprise them with a Need wine bottle on their special day.

person pouring wine on clear wine glass

Ladies That Liquid Lunch

Ladies That Liquid Lunch is the perfect gift to take to any celebration. Whether it’s a birthday, a bachelor party, or an anniversary celebration, this bottle suits the occasion. This wine stands out and makes that day special with its amazing flavours to create a satisfying moment. There are a variety of flavours to choose from, so why not give that wine lover a bottle? Besides, you will be giving them a unique and original gift that goes perfectly with the special occasion. Instead of those typical and boring gifts, visit today and make that order.

No To Tiers-Pink

Scribbler does not leave beer lovers unattended. For that friend who loves a bottle of beer, you can make their day by giving them a No to tiers-Pink bottle. Choose between their Erdinger Hefe or Budvar Budweiser NRB selection and make memories. Magners Cider gives that tasty, refreshing experience for those who don’t like beer.

Say you will be Wine

Scribbler is your go-to online store for that special and original gift. They are the only retailer ready to offer those naughtiest gifts and make special days more fun. Their Say, you will be wine is perfect to carry along if you are going for that birthday night party. Whether your friends love gooseberry or grapefruit, Scribbler has a special wine for everyone. Say you will be wine comes in different pleasant flavours, so you pick the best according to what your friends love. With just a few clicks, you can order this amazing wine and give it to your loved one.


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